The Wiser Heart

The long weekend was a nice break and I feel recharged and ready to create more positive results. Much has been stirring inside of me as I find myself focused on better manifesting the results I want. As I have talked about often in the blog, having a purpose is very important to functioning at a high level. Driving that purpose is my intention each day. What do I intend to make happen today. Obviously have clarity of purpose and a focused daily intention will empower me to bring into reality the life I desire. Today I want to write about the powerful force in me that makes purpose and intention charged with possibility and importance. That force is my heart.

Inside of you and I is a heart. This heart is much more then a pump. This heart is an organ of intelligence, of passion, love, joy and so much more. All hearts are filled with thinking and feeling cells and are the center for much of our inner wisdom and instinctive knowing. In the East the view of the heart center is as a place of higher knowing and expanded consciousness. In the West the heart is too often undervalued in comparison to the logical mind. This is not an accurate perception.

The heart and the mind function most powerful when working together. Logic has its value but without heart it lacks balance. It doesn’t take much research to find in history all the mistakes made with great logic and no heart. All wars to me seem like some kind of faulty logic remiss of heart.

The best you and I can be is when we have our minds working and our hearts fully engaged in the process. The heart feels where we want to go; it senses when we are on track or off and it gets us charged up so our energy can take us where we need to go. A heart, alive with passion, fills us with the joy of doing what feels right and good to us. Think of what you want to create in your life and then engaged the heart in feeling the results as reality. Are you excited or what? When you heart knows what it wants it can be an unstoppable force.

I want to share with you a simple but very accurate way to use your heart as a way to know what is right for you or not. When you are making a decision use your heart for feedback. The way to do that is to tune in and notice the hearts reaction to the decision you want to make. If you feel your heart is open or expanding then you are going the right direction. If you feel your heart contract then you need to explore other options. An open heart indicates this is right for you and a heart that closes or get protective is telling you to reconsider. This may take some practice but soon you will be tuned into the feel of your heart expanding or contracting.

Fear always causes the heart to contract so be aware that a contraction may also be an indicator you heading in a direction where growth is possible.

The heart is wise beyond logic. Paying attention to the heart will guide you to the life and results you want. Listen and feel and you will always know where to go.