Questions, Observations and Awakening

I am a person that asks a lot of questions and I constantly observe how we humans act in the world. I question and observe myself too. I ask myself questions every day about what I am doing? Who am I? How can I do things better and more successfully? Where should I put my time? How can I make a difference? Is this what I believe and is that true? The questions are always there and the observations are always happening. The reason I ask so many questions and keep such a watchful eye is because it seems essential that I be as conscious as possible. I want to be awake and aware as I can be. I know that is my purpose to be awake and to assist others to be awake. I observe to understand.

I am unsure how I ended up so different and unique in how I look at things? That uniqueness in viewpoint is an asset I bring to the world. Everyone has there own set of strengths they add to the symphony of life. I have come to appreciate my different ways of looking at the world and what I have to offer. I am being who I am. Who else could I be? I have come to accept myself and my pursuit of consciousness as who I am.

Who are you? What are you interested in? How do you go about exploring your uniqueness? Have you come to appreciate who you are? What do you believe in and how do you find your own truth? These are all important questions. Just asking the questions and seeking your answers is a very positive thing to do. Observing who you are and how the world works will make you awake and aware. This is the basis of being a conscious human being.

Why is a being a conscious human being important? If you look around and observe you will see the world is driven by habit, unexplored beliefs and a trance like existence. That makes for a world that is not realizing its potential; a world run too much by seeking what is familiar and avoiding the unknown. Do you suspect, as I do, there is more possible and that we need to encourage a higher realization of our human family?

I have been rambling on here because I am asking questions and observing and what I feel inside is a deep concern for where we are going. There has never been a time in history more important then now to be who you are as fully as you can be. The world needs our awareness and consciousness now. The world needs our loving and compassionate hearts now. Are you ready to expand into the greatness of who you are?

Each of us is so unique and has so much to offer. Here are two quotes I thought you might like to remind you to be you.

Elaine Christensen
"Inside me there is a dancer. Inside this middle-aged body of a housewife there is a dancer. Don't laugh. I have danced with sunflowers in sandy September fields with fruit trees each spring, blossoms in my hair at the lake's edge in winter where tall grass and thin reeds wobble on pointed toes in the wind and in summer with the sea where anyone can find the dancer inside. Don't laugh. Barefoot, arms outstretched, palms raised to the sky, to the birds, to the clouds, to God, who choreographed it all, I danced. I knew every step and the waves stood up and bowed."

Winston Churchill
"There comes a special moment in everyone's life, a moment for which that person was born. That special opportunity, when he seizes it, will fulfill his mission - a mission for which he is uniquely qualified. In that moment, he finds his greatness. It is his finest hour."