Self-Realization For You and All Human Kind

I was thinking, while reading something last night, how can I take this blog higher? By higher I mean to take myself and you the reader into higher levels of awareness, consciousness and self-realization. Years ago I read a very fascinating book called the Autobiography of a Yogi by Yogananda. The book took me on a journey of about self-realization and the inner capacities we possess. Yogananda was a highly conscious human being who came to America from India. Although he died years ago his influence is still with us. There are communities around the world that live by his guiding principles. There is a place in Los Angeles called the Lake Shrine were Yogananda spent time and if you walk in awareness there you can still feel his presence.

I was thinking of others who I have been acquainted with at least on a soul level. I have sat and walked in meditation with a number of deeply spiritual souls and doing so always expands me. There is something so special about being with others human beings who have tapped into the vastness of consciousness, into who they are at a spiritual level. If you have an opportunity to go sit with or take in the grace of a holy person do so. There are several wonderful women who have the realization of the Divine Mother who travel about and to sit with them opens your heart. Ammachi and Mother Meera are two that will touch you deeply.

Yesterday I was reading an article about meditation and intention. There is a gather amount of research that shows that people meditating together with intention can have a very positive affect. That creates a positive picture in my mind of people together in stillness surrounded by light and that light flowing through communities and cities calming the hearts, minds and souls of everyone. One of the research projects was in Washington DC and was focused on reducing crime during the summer when there was usually a spike in trouble. The research was very controlled as far as variables and the results were interesting. The crime rate actually went down by 20%. Maybe, we could gather in meditation around Congress and the White House and to spread light and inspire great leadership.

So if you were to take some time to quiet yourself and tune in what do you think the benefits would be? Meditation comes in many forms but at its simplest form it is sitting quietly in awareness. In awareness for mediation purposes means tuned into what is going on in you, your thoughts, feelings, and sensations. Watching yourself, your breath and your internal dialogue can be very enlightening. In quiet contemplation you have a direct pathway to all that you are and can be.

I have an idea that involves you. I would like to propose that each day you sit or walk in silence and tune into the more expansive possibilities in you. Take as much or as little time as works for you. Together we share an intention to make the world a more peaceful and compassionate place. If you have friends who want to join you please have them do so. If you live in DC or near your State Capitol you could have your intention focus on sending more light to those places. I use light to mean insight, wisdom and compassion. Does that work for you? The other place we can send light is to all those big and little organizations around the world working for a better planet. Transforming us and our fellow humans is the goal so that all can be self-realized in heart, mind. body and spirit. Now imagine the earth when we are successful.

This is Part One of a journey to higher self-expression. I hope you are coming along for the ride. Please feel free to share your experiences as we go. You can share by pushing the post a comment button below and add what you want to share or you can send me an email at Your comments and shared experiences are greatly valued by me.