The World Needs You

Today is a day to celebrate. I have now written 100 blogs , actually this is the 102nd. I have been very dedicated to my writing for this blog and I feel positive about what I have accomplished. The results are 100 quality posts that I am confident have spread some inspiration, consciousness and encouragement to the readers. I began the blog in February and my numbers of viewers have more then doubled every month. I write because I am on a mission to encourage the best in people, to spread inspiration, consciousness and peace. Thank you very much to you readers; your taking the time to read my words is a genuine gift to me.

The world we live in is rich with possibilities and challenges. You and I need to have all the resources available to us to live fully our purpose with passion. Every desire in you is a call for you to be more, to express all that you are here to be in this life. Paying attention to what you feel drawn to, is very important. Listening to your inner callings will guide you to your fullest realization of self. Yes you are key piece in the whole picture of planet. Your fullest expression is needed more today then ever. You have things to do and what you do can make a real difference.

We live in a world where there is a need for a huge variety of skills and talents. There is a purpose for you that you can do better then anyone else. Which one(s) call you to action?

The world needs people who:
• Are guided by their inner wisdom
• Have heart and real compassion
• Live by a higher truth
• Can communicate, listen and build health relationships
• Are committed to peace
• Pursue consciousness and higher wisdom
• Expand our points of view
• Are creative in their expression
• Seek collaboration and connection
• Appreciate diversity and uniqueness
• Respect all living things;
• Value nature and want to take care of the planet
• Will pursue justice for all
• Care about those in need
• Appreciate beauty and wonder of all of life
• Can teach humility and self-respect
• Value balance and harmony
• Know how to use money for the good of all
• Can think ahead for future generations
• Know how to educate about universal values and awareness
• Understand sustainability and can show us the way
• Can guide us all to take full responsibility for our lives
• Know how to lead from values and for the good of all
• And more

You are called to be somebody unlike anyone else, totally unique in what you have to offer. Be you, live your passion and together the world will be transformed to the place we can all live in peace, prosperity, compassion and joy.

Thank you for being you.

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