Focus on Peace and Begin By Sitting Quietly

Day two of the fair was very busy and again I find myself writing after a long, hot and tiring day. I enjoy doing this blog so much that I look forward to writing it each day. I don’t even know what I plan to write about but will let the fingers and my intuition do the work.

Our t-shirt sales went very well today and we got to see many people very happy to own one or more of our positive messages for peace t-shirts or decals. These are all our creations and it sure feels nice to have some many people compliment out designs and quality of our shirts. Everybody left with a smile. Check us out at

I thought I would call upon another inspirational quote tonight to spread some light on you day.

Sitting quietly, feel what sits there.
Explore the body you sit in.
Observe the scintillating field of sensation we call the body.
Noticing sensations wordless quality.
Its sense of simply being the humming throughout your body.
Go within sensation to that subtle presence by which the sensation is known. Feel the sensation within the sensation.
Settle into that sense of being, of aliveness vibrating in every cell.
Rest in being. . . . know what knows
. Stephen Levine

You are the knower but who are you? Until tomorrow, Joseph