I Am Excited About My New Book

I added a new book to my collection of ebooks I have written exclusively for you my readers. Check out the right hand column of this site - 101 Ways To LIve A Loving and Compassionate Life

This book and the other two are from a series I am creating called Instant Inspiration. These three books are full of the best ideas my 30+ years of exploring these topics have found. If you enjoy my blog, you will also enjoy these books. I would very much appreciate you purchasing one, two or all of them as a way to be supportive to my work here at the Explore Life Journal. My goal is to create enough income from this site to provide for me to write this blog and be active in my work for peace and the spreading of consciousness.

If you find yourself in a supportive mood or seeking information and ideas about the topics of these books, then be sure and make a purchase and send your love my direction.

Look for more books coming soon and also checking out my 60 Sesconds and 30 Day Success Workbooks further down the right hand column.

Your support would be genuinely appreciated.

Thanks you,