Gardening for Your Soul and Your Success

Today I planted a bunch of new plants. I got some herbs, flowers, cucumbers and squash. I also got an organic spray for my tomatoes, which seem to be bugged about something. I enjoy tending to my plants, making sure they are watered and fertilized. I feel as if I am doing something worthwhile.

There are many things that can come out of a successful garden. I enjoy the flowers, eat the vegetables, and cook with the herbs. Each day I watch their progress with anticipation and satisfaction. I really enjoy watching plants grow and produce food and beauty. Maybe the best is the satisfaction of success and being a part nature at work. I feel like I am touched by the plants and their progress in way like I am touched by those who actively grow as human beings.

I appreciate watching the cycle of life that plants model so well. There is a seed. Then the seed is germinated. After first action comes the plant to the surface, into the light. It grows well with good care. When it bears fruit the cycle is at its most robust phase. Harvest extends for a while and then the plant goes quiet and readies to return after sleep or ends it’s cycle.

The sounds a lot like us humans. We begin as a very small unit of life, seed or egg. Then germination takes place and this life moves into gear forming the body, which will eventually come out into the light. From there comes the cycles of childhood, teenage adjusts and young adulthood. I watch young parents and know they have to be at a very robust place to thrive in the midst of raising a family. When the family grows up and goes away we humans adjust by focusing on other things. In India many later in life focus on their inner work trying to be fully conscious. After awhile we age and get old. Then we leave this life and body behind. If you believe in the transmigration of the soul then you think of yourself coming back again like a plant who reawakens.

If you have a nice size pot or several pots, or a plot of land you can use them plant a garden and enjoy the cycle of planting, growing and harvesting. They are a great reminder of our own journey and actually represent a great plan for success. Plant the life you want with intention, grow the ideas, take care and take action and reap the benefits. A plan you can follow that is simple like nature and a fully of possibilities and potential to enrich you and your life.

Let me know how things grow.