10 Ideas To Bring Out The Best In You

Yesterday I wrote about the benefits of meditation and quiet contemplation for living an inspired life. Why settle for anything less then having the life you desire fulfilled. Your desire is your calling to express yourself more fully. I have put together 10 ideas to provoke you toward not only living fully with passion and aliveness but also so that you can be an inspiration to all those who know you.

1. Change your inner dialogue so that it is supportive and encouraging. You must learn to be your own best cheering section. If you don’t appreciate who you are, then who will?

2. Take full responsibility for your life. Stop blaming and complaining immediately because it is nothing but a crap magnet. If you don’t like how something is, change it now or change your reaction to it.

3. Walk on the earth with awareness about the footprint you leave. Mother earth needs everyone to understand that we are all one. All must be cared for; all relationships are precious and worthy of our attention.
4. Explore and expand your heart as if that is why you are here. It is. Love as much as you can. Spread your love so it covers the planet in a warm blanket of compassion and understanding.

5. Live with direction, passion and purpose. Stop walking around in a daze, break your routines and leave the trance of life behind. You have a purpose and mission only you can fulfill.

6. Take naps, relax and rest often. There are times that call us to charge into the world and fight with the courage of a Gandhi or Martin Luther King for what we believe in. Be rested and ready to go. Your time is coming soon.

7. Let go and move on. Take out a journal and start writing until you have written about everything you no longer want to carry with you. Forgive and be whole again. Lighten up, laugh often and don’t let your ego dictate the journey.

8. Live in amazing wonder of all living things and the beauty nature has created. Have a deep respect and appreciation for all of life. Be in wonder and profound respect for the beauty you are as a creation of the universe.

9. Commit yourself to always learning and growing. There is still great potential in you waiting to be explored. Follow the guide of creative and intuitive urges to take you to new levels of expression.

10. Play, dance and sing and bring yourself back into balance. Avoid going astray in attacks of misguided seriousness. The child needs release and play or it will sabotage your chance for success. Having fun and enjoying life are your priorities or something has gone wrong.

This is a collection of quick reminders to wake you up and get you headed in the right direction. You and I always need reminders about what is important and essential.

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Take these tips and live them as fully as you can. The world truly needs you to play your notes in the musical of life; then all can be a celebration.