Unconditional Love Is a Wonderful Gift

The time visiting my Dad and my brothers and sisters goes fast. Playing golf with my Dad is always fun. Having dinner with my sister and her family and then visiting after is over before it hardly starts. Tonight I get to meet my brother’s new twins and enjoy the company of his family. Tomorrow breakfast with my brother the mayor will be enjoyable but over too soon. Coming from a large family has been a major blessing for me. In my family I have three brothers and two sisters and my Dad and these are all people who have unconditional love for me. That is the best thing about family because there is always love when you needed it. My wife Bobbi and several friends have that same kind of love for me and me for them.

Unconditional love is love you get no matter what. This is love that isn’t based on certain conditions. This is real love you can count on. Unconditional love is the best love there is and it is genuine. If you have relationships that included unconditional love then you have relationships you can count on.

Where is there unconditional love in your life? Are there others who love you no matter what and for who you are? Do you appreciate them for the love they share with you? Do you have unconditional love for others? What would your life be like if you loved more people unconditionally? How would the world change if there was more condition free love?

I suspect you and I are here in this life to learn to love more freely without conditions. When you open your heart to give and receive love you become more fully realized. Love and compassion are two of the greatest human capacities. These days much love, compassion and understanding is needed to counter- balance the fear and worry so pervasive in our culture. Love sets you and I free to be more fully who we are. It feels good to love free of conditions. The heart greatly appreciates being set free to fully express itself. Love without conditions is an incredible gift to the world.