Taking a Leap of Faith

I have this part-time job that is stressful and deadening. I am about to take a leap of faith and put all my focus on my writing and my peace company. I write this journal to invite the best in you, to expand awareness, insight and consciousness, to encourage living with passion and purpose, to explore and express creativity, to teach and inspire and to spread peace, love and compassion. My writing is about giving and being of service to you the reader.

As you know I am very concerned about what is going on in the world and I had to do something positive. So my wife Bobbi and I started Peace Together as way for us to express our commitment to promoting inner peace and world peace. Our mission is growing and the Peace Together Foundation is our next major project. You can check us out at www.peace-together.com. Funding our work is the challenge we are facing and we are exploring how to do that and are open to suggestions. This blog is part of our peace effort because we believe peace is possible if people are awake, conscious and living their purpose.

Back to the leap, this is about trusting the universe and frankly I find myself scared and excited. I don’t know how this will all work out but there is a part of me that trusts and is guided at a very deep level. That is the part of me I want to hang out with as the fear comes and goes. Life is an experiment and I am entering into another testing phase. I get to put my theories of intention, attraction, flow and intuition into practice with my safety net being my inner resources.

What risks are you taking lately? Which leaps of faith are calling you? What is the next growthful step you need to take? How do you get up the courage to push yourself beyond your comfort zone? If tomorrow you could wake up and be living your ideal life, what would it be like and how would you be?

I was reading tips from problogger.net and came upon John Gerard and his really interesting, fun and courageous experiment. John is trying to become famous in 31 days as a sociological experiment and to see what it would feel like. His site is full of videos as he is filming his whole journey. This is a guy that has taken a leap of faith and it is working. Check out his website for fun and inspiration at www.famousin31days.com.

You and I have an essence that is fearless and free; that is unlimited in potential; that is open and wise. Join me and together we will go beyond the ordinary and play in the field of freedom, joy and infinite possibilities.