200th Blog Today And The Gift of Awareness

WOW! WOW! WOW! Today is my 200th blog entry. I am deeply grateful for the inspiration that flows through me, and the source of that inspiration, and for my dedication to sit here in front of the computer and take the time to write with purpose and dedication. My blog is about living with purpose and passion and about exploring the potentials you and I were given. I write to encourage you to find your own peace and to inspire you to live with joy and an open heart. Here’s to you!!! and a big pat on my own back. Appreciating yourself is a wonderful thing to do.

My list yesterday of 33 Ways to Have More Peace was definitely inspired by a greater source. Did you get a chance to explore it? I hope so because the ideas in this list can have a huge positive affect in your life. Any resistance to exploring these ideas comes from a place that is limiting the possibilities in you. No criticism intended but an excellent opportunity to learn something about your self and how you might get in your own way. Maybe there is a limiting belief in there somewhere?

I was talking to by brother Jim who is going through a phase of walking for his health. He has lost over 40 lbs and will walk a marathon on October 7. He said he tells people he inherited the same fitness fanatic gene that his brother Joe has. I laughed and said I had never been told I was a fitness fanatic until he said it. I have worked out daily for many years but don’t feel fanatic because I do it to keep fit and healthy and because it gives me great energy. From another viewpoint I guess my dedication could be seen as something else.

Fitness fanatic is like another description of me “health nut” I have heard. Do people define others by what they do as a way to make sense out of it? Is doing anything with dedication libel to be judged by those less focused? I don’t know but it is interesting how others see you.  I did get a different glimpse of myself from my brother whom I trust. That feedback is an opportunity to be more aware. Anything you or I do by habit and without awareness may lead to problems. I now will try to bring more choice into my fitness and be less habit driven.

Awareness is powerful tool as I have written before at this blog. I wanted to say a little more here about the benefits of insight and awareness in your life. Seeing who you are; finding out what makes you the way you are, is very helpful in creating the life you want. Being run by unconscious habits and limiting beliefs will put the brakes on whatever you are trying to make happen. Awareness is a great gift that can come in many different ways. It is a gift that keeps on giving. The more the better as far as awareness is concerned

I will write more about the energy of beliefs soon as my recent reading has been shedding some light of insight on me. I need time to integrate the new knowing before I can write about it. I also just finished a book called, The Greatest Spiritual Secret of the Century by Thom Hartmann. I will write about that too in the next couple of days. Stay tuned and post that list of 33 tips some place as a reminder. I am printing the list now and will do the same.

Hope your day flows with the joy and wisdom you are open to realize.