Another Extraordinary Day

Today is one of those days rich and flowing over with potential. You wake up and take a few minutes to think about your day. You review the results you want. You commit to doing what it takes. You visualize the life you want to live, taking time to see, feel, hear and sense it. The more vivid you can imagine the better. The more you can get all the particles of your being energized for the result you seek, the sooner it will come into full reality. Soon you find yourself living in this world you have created and you are filled with gratitude and joy. This is your time and you, your higher self, and the creative forces of the universe have joined together to create the masterpiece called your life.

There are a variety of components you may want to include in your visualization: health; relationships and family; purposeful work; your place on the planet; health of the Earth; a peaceful, understanding, and compassionate world; abundance, prosperity, and wealth; the difference you make; the love you feel, the openness of mind and heart and whatever else you want to include. You can have everything you can imagine. If you can see it, you can make it happen.

Throughout the day you keep your thoughts and feelings focused on the life you have and how wonderful it is. The mind will need some nurturing to keep it positive and supportive of this life you desire. The inner dialogue will need updating. How you talk to yourself needs to be always with kindness and in an encouraging and helpful way. This extraordinary life flourishes when your thinking is free of blaming, complaining and of negativity of any kind. Any kinds of mind garbage can trash the best dreams. Positive and nurturing thoughts are essential to the realization of the life you want.

The next consideration is the idea, that in this present moment, all you want and hope for is already present. Your task if you choose to be the creator of your life is to step fully into the potential of the moment. The Now is where it is all happening. Nothing can happen any other time then the now. This means that all the ingredients to your extraordinary life are present in each moment. You just need to step into you ideal life as if it were now. It is, and with a positive expectation you can manifest it.

You will be guided when you are clear about your intention. Listen deeply along the way for the inner guidance of your higher knowing. Commit to following the intuitive wisdom within you. Take guidance from other trusted sources also. When the world sees what you are up to, it will join in and support your quest. There are no failures in this expansive journey, just feedback and course corrections. The more you trust what you know and are shown, the more the results show up.

Consider two more points: commitment and a better world.  If you are committed to realizing this extraordinary life then you do what you need to do to make it a reality. This means taking action, taking risks, being creative, pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, and doing it all with passion. Are you up for having a blast and lots of bliss?

The second point is that all the forces of the universe will line up in support, if your vision, your dreams, your purpose are focused on leaving the world a better place. If you are on a mission to make a difference then all that you need to do so will be made available. Thinking and visualizing beyond our self is hugely more powerful then the gratification of individual needs. This is because inside of you is a unique calling that only you can answer. That calling is innately aligned with the great good of the humankind. You are to realize your highest dreams because you doing so will enrich the planet. Are you ready? We are all waiting in joyous anticipation of your full expression.