We Are The Ones That Must Stop The War

How long must the war go on in Iraq?  The estimates of 150,000 to 500,000 Iraqis who have died would all still be alive now if we had not been lied into this war by an administration that was driven by power and greed.  How about the now close to 4000 American soldiers that have died who would still be alive today and the over 10,000 permanently damaged soldiers who simply followed the misguided orders of those in the White House.  Then what about the awful way many veterans have been taken care of and the numerous suicides from all their mental anguish?

Sorry for the heaviness today but I have to ask these questions because we are allowing this war to continue.  Our elected officials have not represented us in Congress by allowing this war to happen and now go on without any end in sight.   It is up to us.  I am outraged by this war as I am sure many of you are.  I cannot find it my mind or heart any reason for it to have happened.  Sure there has been much rationalization about the War but that is just trying to make it Ok when it is not in anyway Ok.  

War too me is always about ego gone wrong and this is no exception.   I say it is time now to speak up without ceasing to every elected official in the land that we demand the end to this murder we are committing for no good reason.  If we are a Christian nation, why don’t we act like one and stop the killing.  No God would ever support war.  War is murder.

How come the debate about the war in the primaries has disappeared?  I would guess, there is either too much shame or arrogance to admit we have a terrible mess and we are part of reason it has happened.   The Republican group of candidates all blindly support the President showing no minds of their own and apparent lack the hearts to be courageous.  Ron Paul has spoken up in that group but many of his other ideas are so crazy that he is negated.

Please!!! join me and everyone else who opposes this war and together we must figure out a way to bring it to an end and not wait the rest of 2008 to make that happen.   This politicized war must be taken out of the rhetoric and brought back to, all those being held accountable for not stopping it in the first place and now allowing it to continue.  Our elected officials represent us in theory and if we demand the end to the War they must follow our demands or be voted out of office.  

Those that oppose this war, find a peace organization to get active in.  I started my own called Peace Together and we are taking small steps to get people to speak out for peace.  It is time we all evolve past the need to dominate, to let our ego’s run over our hearts’ and our souls’ higher knowing.   Peace is possible in our hearts.