10 Steps To A Successful Week

Today begins another week, are you excited, are you looking forward to see how things will turn out?  Or are you dreading the week or just going through the motions?  How you start the week will shape your experience of it. 

Here are ten ideas to get this week off to a positive start and to encourage the kind of results you want:

1.    Start each day with an intention to do your best no matter what the challenges
2.    Have a plan to be successful, one that is flexible enough to adapt when needed
3.    See yourself as unable to fail.  There is no such thing as failure, there is only feedback
4.    Do whatever you do with passion, energy and much enthusiasm
5.    Keep moving forward even when things seem to be going poorly, determination will succeed when difficulties arise
6.    Think of yourself in the effortless flow of the stream of wonderful possibilities
7.    Believe and trust in yourself and your abilities and you will be happy with the results you create
8.    Have it as your goal to keep improving every day.  1% improvement for 100 days equals 100% improvement
9.    Keep your mind open to new ideas and your heart open to the higher knowing with you
10.    Make it your highest goals to serve others, to have a sense of humor, and to leave the planet better than you found it

If you live by these ideas, you will succeed, you will enjoy life, and you will make a positive difference in the world.   Have a productive and fun week.