Have A Good Read Today.

What has your interests lately? What do you want to know more about? Where do you feel you can make a difference? What new direction do you want to take in your life? As you may have noticed, the world is ever changing and to keep up means to be informed. How do you keep up? The answer is you get to read, read from a variety of sources, read for fun and to be enlightened about life and living more successfully.

The TV is a source of information but usually only enough to wet your appetite and as always the sources of that information need to be explored. Bill Moyer’s show on PBS is one where you get an in depth information from experts. Fox news is often misinformation, which has political slant and a shock value but should be questioned. There are informative local programs. All of that information is valuable but too often passive unless you primarily learn from listening.

The Web is rich with endless information. You can find almost anything you can imagine there by going to Google.com, Dogpile.com, and Wikipedia.com is a great source for information. Questioning the sources of the articles is also good to do. Bloggers like myself share opinion and points of view and these can be valuable and need to be questioned also. There is lots of reading to do on the Web and exploring can be very enriching.

Newspapers, Magazines and books are still major sources of information and where more in depth study can be made. The bookstores and libraries are filled with interesting stuff to read. If you really want to learn a lot about some topic get some books and go exploring. Of course books have slants too and you can find writers who make stuff seem real that isn’t. In general though most writers try to do a good job of informing their readers. Fiction is a different story but also can be very enriching.

All of this is about reading; reading is one of the great sources of human growth and understanding. If you don’t read much, you may not know much of what is going on inside or around you. If you want to try to stay tuned in and informed, you have to read often. Reading can help you become an expert, inform your conversations, reshape your career, send your off to explore new potential, lift your spirits, and send you on a journey. What you read shapes your opinion, colors your interactions, guides your choices, causes you to get ahead or change direction, invites you into self-awareness, and makes you think.

Today in this world of constant change reading is a great asset. To be an informed citizens of the Planet, you need to read. To be a difference maker, you need to read. To be a good parent, you need to read. To continue to grow, you need to read. To make it through these challenging times you need to read.

Finding good sources for reading is easy if you go to your local bookstores and libraries. Sometimes you may not even know what information you want but just going to the library or the bookstore will present you with books and magazines that will invite you to explore. If you think of your life as an experiment and exploration then you will want to be informed and reading is a wonderful way to expand your wisdom.

This time of year is great for reading a good book and for enriching your life as you do so. Have a good read today.

I just read the American Shaolin about the China and Martial Arts by Matthew Polly a good read for those interested in these topics. I was just reviewing some of the ideas about thinking in The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. The magazine Ode (for “intelligent optimist” is their tag line) this issue has some very good article on the economy.