Change Is A Positive Force At Work In Your Life Today.

The Dalai Lama is one of the great spiritual leaders of modern times. The following is a collection of some of his inspirational wisdom and my ideas related to what he has to say:

* Spend some time each day alone; become acquainted with yourself. In the quiet moments you can find your inner wisdom and strength, you can hear the calling of purpose, passion and desire that wants to propel you forward toward an extraordinary life.
* Have respect for yourself. The number one impairment in most people for creating the life they want is that they do not believe in themselves. This lack of self-confidence leads to a mediocre life. This is just faulty thinking. Change your thoughts and you will be free.
* Take responsibility for your life; no more blaming or complaining. Responsibility means you have the ability to respond and you do. It is time to see that in your life what does not work out is your responsibility and what does is to your credit. Be bold in your actions.
* Be open to change. You live in an ever changing world so if you are not open you will find yourself unhappy and out of touch. Change is always for the better even when you don't see right away what is better. Change is a positive force at work in your life today.
* Spread love as your primary way of interacting with family, friends and the world. As a loving person your open heart will make wonderful contact with the world around you. To give and receive love is the best way to live and by far the most joyous.
* Be kind to the Earth. Your home is this planet and it needs to be cared for to make sure you and everyone has clean air to breathe and clean water to drink. Caring for the planet means caring for yourself and future generations. That just make good sense to care for our home.
* Break out of patterns and go to new places. People tend to do what is familiar and to break out of the daily groove is healthy. The planet is a beautiful place and there is much to see. Variety and new experiences enrich your life and move you toward and more expanded awareness.
* Share your knowing and your insights. What you understand can help others awaken to who they are and help them become more conscious human being. Your consciousness can be a light for those who want to expand their awareness.
* Live a life you can look back at proudly. The life you create for yourself can be a masterpiece of expression and purpose. When you tap into your human potential your life will be enriched and so will those around you.

I hope you find these ideas helpful and thought provoking. Please let me know which ones seem most important for you at this stage in your life and which ones you feel you do well already.

Here is a little something to help you see how we are all much more alike and help put a smile on your face while getting you up and dancing: