The Nature of Your Soul

I get both excited and a little anxious when I start out on a new adventure.  In less than an hour I am heading off to a new job and I look forward to the new people I get to meet and the new opportunities to use my people skills.  Wish me well.

Today I want to write the nature of your soul.  There are many ideas about this part of us that was before this life and will continue after we no longer inhabit our bodies.  Religions have their ways of explaining what our soul is unfortunately their perspectives are too limited.  When it comes to defining the nature of our soul and the way it works, my favorite teacher is Ram Dass.  His very expanded point of view makes the most sense to me.  

The soul is our divine connection to the Source of all creation.  You could say it is both separate and the same as the Source/God.  Ram Dass explains, that the soul chooses what it wants to learn and explore in this life and then it picks the circumstances it will to be born into.  My soul chose to be the first of 6 children in a large Catholic family where I learned to nurture myself because the flow of love got pretty diluted.  There were many circumstances in this life I chose that have shaped who I am now.  I will not go into them here because the important part is that I chose this life, long before I arrived in this body.  

Then as I came into this life, my soul’s goal was to awaken to all of what I intended to realize.  That awakening has been a slow steady process.  It is still going on now fifty plus years after I screamed coming into the world.  I still feeling the scream of living in this crazy world once in awhile.  How about you?  The newly born child was fully conscious of its highest nature but social conditioning tends to numb it out of awareness.  The journey of self-realization, the path of actualizing my highest nature, which is one with Source is a busy one of awareness, insight, intuition, consciousness, expression and ever expanding love.

I will write more about this journey over the week.  I invite you to sit with the idea that all the circumstance you chose to help you grow are what surround you now.  All of the positives and the challenges, you have brought into your life so you can further explore and express your Divine nature.   Let me know if this fits for you and what you observe along the way of looking into your soul’s nature.