My Visit With A Saint

I left a very brief note from my busy Sunday.  I said I would write more today.  The most significant event of the day was on Sunday morning at a private home here in Boulder.  A Sufi saint by the name of Maulana Zainulabedin Kazmi came to town to do a small talk, pray and chant, give lots of small gifts, and provide healing for the body, mind, heart and soul.  This joyous loving man was so full of compassion and kindness.  All you had to do was being around him to feel the grace of who he was. 

I have had the good fortune of spending time with very saintly people in my life.  I feel as if the Great Source guides me to be in the presences of these men and women so I can be uplifted.  Being with Maulana was very uplifting and inspiring.  When I went up to him to tell him what I was working on in my heart, he turned to his assistants and gave me all kinds of pictures, sacred things, chant beads, prayers, and a wonderful smelling shirt he has worn.  I was told that what I was given was very special and I felt touched by his deep desire to inspire me toward the further realization of my soul’s purpose.  I sit here writing this with those blessing all around me.  

I felt in an altered state when I left the gathering.  I am full of gratitude for being in his presence even in this moment.  The grace I felt then is very present in me now.   I also got a clear message that I needed to slow down and meditate more.  Just as I have been feeling for a while.  I will do so.  

I will share more as I understand more about this experience.  He is traveling through the U.S. for the next month or so.  I encourage you to keep an eye open for his visit near you.  Google him and check out his schedule; if you are interested you will find him.

A brief note about the Big 12 Track and Field Championships, this event was so much fun to watch all these amazing athletes.  The grace, power and speed of these young men and women was very inspiring.  So many performed with such excellence.  The University of Colorado Men won the conference championship because they are very strong especially in the distance races.  It was a joy to watch.

Have a wonderful week and I will be back tomorrow to share more.