Have A Summer Of Self-Healing

The first holiday of summer is now in the rearview mirror and I look forward to the next 3-4 months of warm weather.  I love being outside on a warm day and enjoying my running, biking, hiking, gardening, listening to music, going for walks and everything else that goes with this time of year.  To me this is also a time to relax, have fun and to heal what ails your heart or your thoughts.  

In the quiet moments of a vacation or long weekend there is time to write and contemplate.  There is time to listen inward and hear what you are guided to do for yourself.  Self-healing is about taking the time needed to care about yourself, to love you as you are, to forgive, to open your heart again, to erase the limiting thoughts or beliefs.  Here are some ideas to nurture what needs healing in you:
•    Long slow walks in nature are soothing and renewing if you allow the peace of the moment to guide you
•    Writing in a journal about the river of emotions that flow through you can be very validated and expand your acceptance of who you are
•    Taking a drive to a new place to explore and enjoy can be very renewing.  Exploring life brings out the joy and possibilities in you.
•    Expressing your creativity can be very healing as you release what needs to come out and open to what wants to manifest
•    Sitting in silence is a balm for what needs to be cared for inside of you.  In the quiet stillness is all you need to do to be whole again
•    Loving yourself, you partner, your family and friends will open you to the kind of deep healing that only love can provide
•    Resting the mind and body from the endless doing slows you down enough to nurture what just needs to be.  
•    Hearing the aches and pains allows you to know when to back off or push through in the moment of activity
•    Listening to the call of your intuition can direct you to what you know inside is right and expansive for you
•    Napping is made for a warm afternoon when the body has had enough and it wants just a little break to refresh and recharge
•    Setting time aside for massage, hot soaks, spa nurturing, energy balancing, stretching, and more will do wonders for what has gotten out of balance

Explore these and others ways of healing this summer will help break the cycle of hurry and worry that so dominates modern lives.  If you invest in self-healing, you will find the joy of peace and the freedom of a healthy and alive heart.