June Is Slow Down Time

Sunday afternoon is a great time to take a nap.  I just finished one a short while ago.  This has been a very relaxing weekend.   The past 3 weekends where filled with family obligations.  Those too can be nice but they involve lots of driving and little down time.  I had a nice run in the foothills and Pax got a great walk with my wife who for now is limited in her movement due to a knee that needs repair.   Other than making lunch, my main activity has been one of my favorites, sitting and enjoying a novel.  

I hope this first day of June has been a good one for you.  June, I think that means we are through with the cold blast from the north and the west?  June is the time of year where I start feeling antsy for a road trip or vacation.  I want to go exploring and enjoy being outdoors.  Do you get the same urge this time of year?  Do you enjoy vacations?  I love to go to places I have never been before and check them out.  As an adult I don’t think I have gone to the same place in any of my vacations.  Do you like to go to some place familiar or new places?  

June is the time for me to sit back and enjoy life more.  I feel that it is a time were I spent less time doing and more time being.  It is also a time when I like to garden.  I went to the local grower yesterday and got a wonderful selection of plants including banana peppers, strawberries, cherry tomatoes and regular tomatoes, three different kind of basil, sunflowers and some daffodils to keep the bugs away.  I already had lavender, tarragon and chives which all came up on their own from last year.  I live in a place where I grow my plants in pots and very much enjoy tending to them and watching them grow.  

June is the time to take time and enjoy life in the slower lane.  I enjoy slowing down and finding pleasure in the simple things.  I hope you find June to be fun, relaxing and with a variety of new enjoyable experiences.

Have a good week and step into this quote as fully as you are able.  

The highest point of life may be to live in a state of pure flow a “now-state” without past or future, in which prediction and control are not factors – a state of continual, instant-by-instant adaptation to the unknown.”  Joseph Chilton Pearce