4 Ways of Self-Care

The weekend has arrived and I am grateful.  My sister and her family just left and it is very quiet around here.  The visit was very nice and so is the quiet.  My dog Pax will miss all the attention he got from the boys.  He is sleeping away catching up on his naptime.   My workweek ended intensely when two new young women were added to our treatment and they both were in tears over the mess they have created in their lives.  All the treatment team feels those kinds of intense emotions because they are so powerful and real.   That is why the work I do demands that I take good care of myself.  

This got me thinking about good self-care and what it involves.  Self-care has four aspects, which I have mentioned in previous blog postings.  These are the four ways of taking good care of ourselves:

1.    Body – when we need to be reenergized and renewed, one of the best things to do is to get up and get the body going.  Exercise can have a very positive and powerful affect on our state of well-being.  A vigorous walk, run, bike ride, hike, or gym session can do wonders for making you feel better.  Another few good body energizers include eating good food that is healthy and light, drinking lots of fluid, and spending some time in the sun.
2.    Mind – calming the mind down does wonderful things for our health and well-being.  Mindfulness practices are very helpful.  So also is the simple practice of breathing more fully.  A quiet relaxed walk along a stream or somewhere in nature will do much for slowing the mind down.  Spending time in silence naturally nourishes our mental state.  Creative expression brings us into the present and alters our state in healthy ways.
3.    Emotions - we are emotional being and simply acknowledging what we are feeling goes a long way to soothing us.  Feel what you feel and as you pay attention to your emotions they will evolve into other emotions.   Stop judging what you feel and instead accept yourself as you are.  Emotions are energy and energy just flows so do your best to go with the flow.
4.    Spirit – we all have a higher nature whether you call it higher self, spirit, soul, the Divine within or whatever name we give it.  That higher nature just wants to express itself, guide us and give us meaning and inspiration.  Taking the time to become acquainted with our spirit will set us free at so many levels.  Listen quietly and our spirit will become known and our joy will expand in many ways.

Explore these ways of self-care and let yourself be your highest and fullest expression.