Downstream Thinking Opens The Door

How is your experiment going with following the flow?  I feel like I am refining my understanding as I explore what is upstream thinking and what is downstream thinking.  This refining process is one in which I listen carefully and see how what I am thinking makes me feel.  If I feel joyous, positive, open, receptive than my thinking is adding to my connection to the source of the universe.  

These downstream ideas come from the writings of Abraham/Hicks.  I have taken on the task of exploring these ideas because they seem so true for me.  I also wanted to better understand them to enrich my life and those that stop by at the Explore Life Journal.  I view life as an experiment and when I find an idea or point of view that I consider of value, I like to experiment with it in my life.  

I fully believe in the rightness of these ideas so I then must prove them to myself.  So back to the flow and what I am noticing.  There are things that I do that definitely raise my vibrations and connect me to my higher expression.  If you want to align with the part of you that is ready to manifest what you want I suggest the following:

Meditation, Walking Meditation, Mindfulness Practices, Tapping, Conscious Breathing, changing your emotional state towards the positive, deep relaxation, being a loving person, petting your dog, laughing, walking in nature, creative expression, singing songs that take you higher, exploring ideas that inspire you, living with purpose, being fully present, compassionate action and more for you to explore.  

When you align with your higher knowing you are in the flow from which all well-being originates.  Everything you want or desire is in the flow that is available in each moment.  All you have to do is place your boat in the flow and let the downstream take you effortless toward the results you want.  Does it seem all too easy?  It is if we allow it to be.  The challenge is the lack of allowing within.  This non-allowing is almost always because you think you are not enough or don’t deserve.  Those thoughts of being not worthy are learned and they are incorrect.  It is good to change the thoughts that limit you.  

Well, I got to get back to my experimenting.  I'll be back soon to share more.