The Benefits of Self-Discovery

Do you ever wonder why your life is as it is? Have you ever felt there was more to you then you have yet expressed? Are you who you really are? These are important questions if you want to feel happiness and freedom in your life. The process of self-discovery is about knowing yourself and the kind of life that you want to experience. The following are a number of areas to explore for self-discovery and each of them can enrich the quality of your life.

Your mind is a fascinating instrument of creation and manifestation. What you focus on in your thoughts becomes your experience of life. If you focus on what isn’t going the way you want, you find more and more to complain about. If you focus on what you appreciate, what makes you feel good, and what fills you with aliveness, you live a life that is joyous and freeing. An open mind grows and expands in possibilities for happiness. A closed mind gets stuck in limited options and narrow viewpoints. A quiet mind that goes beyond the repetitive thought parade is able to hear your deeper truths.

Your heart
is the center of your contact with the world. An open heart vibrates at a level of compassion and caring that draws much love into your life. A closed heart spreads a chill through your interactions and leaves you wanting. The heart is the feeling center. Feelings tell you when you are on target or off, when you are heading where you want to go, or taking a wrong turn. Your heart and emotions power you with passion and purpose or they lock you up with fear and resentment. A loving compassionate heart is a great treasure for all of humanity.

Your body is vibrating mass of energy and information. This moving force of aliveness can: take you around the world; make you a champion; be rocketed out into space; have you experience pleasure and pain, or quietly sit in consciousness. Your body is much more than a vehicle for your travels, it is filled with receptors, sensors, regulators and everything else that keeps you going and aware of your environment. A healthy cared for body can make your life a wonderful experience of joy and pleasure.

Your spirit is the part of you that existed before you the personality came along and it will continue after you have gone into your final resting place. Your spirit is unlimited and the source of your life force. It longs to soar freely and waits to guide you on how to do just that. The inner knowing, intuitive wisdom, and/or higher self are your connection to your spirit. Your spirit is one with the Source of the Universe. When you align with the wisdom of your spirit, you are totally and completely free to create the life you desire. Your spirit is unlimited and eternal and therefore a good friend to hang out with. As you become a more conscious human being you become more acquainted with your spirit. People who become aligned with their spirit are a true joy to be around.

Over the next few weeks I will share with you ways to deepen your self-discovery. My life’s path has been about this discovery of self and I want to share with you the joy and freedom of this journey.

When you have a pause in the actions of life the next few days take some time to just be with yourself free of distraction and see what there is to appreciate about the totally unique expression you are.