Thank You President Obama, You Are Off To A Great Start

Have you felt the light again shining in Washington DC with the new inspired leadership of President Obama? He has hit the ground running full speed. This is what America needs after the incredibly dreary past eight years of war, torture, greed, deregulation, illegal spying on citizen, unchecked profits at any cost, corporate dishonesty, a Congress totally asleep at the wheel, secret prisons, lost legal rights, an executive branch with no real moral compass, endless advantages exclusively to the rich, unchecked abuse and harm to the planet, a ruined reputation around the world, and the complete ignoring of what was for the good of the people.

No wonder everyone was feeling out of sorts. The gloom is being lifted. Can you feel yourself coming back alive? The challenges are yet still great to clean up the huge mess but we can now have hope again and together can weather the storm.

Yesterday the employment picture grew bleaker. Even the experts are unclear on how to fix the wreckage left by those in charge. Now however there is some one with a plan. His leadership appears to want to include everyone who is willing to join in to make things better. He has what is called a Big Tent approach asking people from all points of view to come together and heal the nation and the planet from the years of neglect and bad ideas.

That tent is big enough for every citizen. The president has made that clear. He is asking us all to join hands and go forward with a shared focus. Can you feel the power of his intention? Can you sense the good in all of us wanting to join in? Is there really anything we can’t take on and succeed? Do you really have any doubt in the greatness of human nature to rise to the occasion?

Today, pick a project that means something to you and lend some time or give some resources to move it forward. Pick up the phone and call your elected officials, give them support for ideas you believe in and cheer them on. Write the president and thank him for his great start and let him know you believe in the hope in his heart.

Then sit quietly with yourself and listen inward to your own heart and turn on the beacon of hope that is waiting to shine from you. The moment is right for your further evolution.