In Joyous Awareness, I Witnessed A Spontaneous Awakening

This blogger will be on the road on Saturday and Sunday for an adventure and celebration.  Here is a very brief account of my witnessing of a human being awakening.

Today at work a very interesting thing happened to one of my clients who has been reading everything I give him (5-6 books in the last week); exploring the ideas about consciousness of Eckhart Tolle and Deepak Chopra; and practicing mindfulness.  He spontaneously during an inner practice session became fully present and seemed in an expansive state.  When I checked in with him he was very quiet and calm which is unusual.  Later after the group I asked him more about it and he said he has been doing this for a few days because of the readings and his own new insights and perspective. 

This altered state is familiar to me because I have explored it for many years.  These expansive and sometimes unsettling states feel like being connected to yourself and the world in a new and much deeper way.  Life seems so vivid.  In the afternoon, we sat together out on the balcony and he explained how it felt to him.  His description matched my previous experiences.  

As we talked I knew this inner movement in him would forever change this troubled 34 y/o man who had been abused by his parents as a child until he flattened his Dad at age 14.   So much trauma, so much insanity of drugs and alcohol and since age 10 he has been under the control of a probation officer.  This crazy life will not need to continue any longer.  He doesn’t know that yet but as time goes he will discover as he watches his thoughts he will not longer need to be run by them.   Freedom from the past is now possible.

It was an amazing blessing to share this space with him as he dips his toes in the vastness of consciousness.  How it happened is unclear except a willingness and readiness for change was obviously going on inside of him.  The thing about these experiences is that you never know when that might happen.  There are numerous methods but they always include being fully present.  The present moment is the only gateway. 

Have a good weekend and I will share more as this awakening continues.