Protest Letter #3 To President Obama, No More War

Dear President Obama, I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas.  You must feel the weight of your responsibilities and many of us send our support.  You are a brave soul that has a great potential to realize.
In honor of the Prince of Peace and this season of celebration for his birth, I suggest that you turn the tide in Afghanistan towards disengagement rather than escalation.  There can be no outcomes that are not costly to life and to the financial health of our nation.    
I write in protest to this expansion of the war because many of my fellow citizens don't feel like they have a voice in Washington DC.
I respectfully request that you change course and be peaceful and compassionate instead.

Joseph Bernard, Ph.D.

Please join me in this campaign to daily protest the escalation of the war in Afghanistan.  The majority of people in this country do not support this war so we must speak up to change the costly direction we are heading.  
Send you emails to the President here:

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