Are You Part Of Forces For Ego Or Consciousness?

In the midst of unpacking boxes, mindful practices, the expansion of consciousness on the planet, healthcare debates in Senate where greed is winning, the escalation of the insanity of war in Afghanistan, Global climate change and financial systems breakdown, I feel confused.  I suspect you do also?  From where I stand I see two major forces seeking to influence the future of humanity.  These two forces are the ego-mind and the expansion of human consciousness.  

The ego-mind manifests as the force of greed, power, and control.  These forces appear as the military, police and prison complex, corporate dominance, many in Washington DC, voters who refuse to pay taxes for any government, the Taliban, the Radical Christian Right, and all other systems, groups and individuals who want to dominate and control for the sake of power and money.  The results of these forces include: the bankruptcy of many local and state governments; the near total collapse of the financial system due to the grossly under regulated free commerce; war in Iraq and Afghanistan; Enron, Halliburton, AIG,  Blackwater, every health insurance company and many other corporate nightmares; Rush, Focus on The Family, Hannerty, Beck, Palin etc.;  and the sheeple of the world who think and do as they are told.  Their world of unchecked capitalism, greed and hunger for power has almost wiped out the middle class.  

The forces for raising consciousness are small groups and individuals seeking to awaken as a way to explore and express their higher nature and bring peace and compassion to the planet and all living things who reside here.  There are many people who speak and represent these forces and they include the Dalai Lama, Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, Thich Nhat Hahn, many spiritual teachers, writers, and practioners, and each of us willing to question our own thinking and seeking to be more aware, conscious and caring human beings.  These forces represent the hope of humanity because they encourage the positive potential and invite the awakening of our spiritual and compassionate possibilities.  The people of consciousness realize the unity of all and want to live that higher reality.

The force of the ego want to win and the force of consciousness seek to be expressed for the good of all.  The ego has dominated human existence until now and the results have been endless war, destruction, and pollution.  If consciousness expands enough the results will be peace, understanding, compassion and a healthy planet for all.  

Which forces do you align with? If you read this blog regularly you understand the value of consciousness.  Many of the forces that are part of the ego-minds creation have some inherent beneficial qualities.  The rise of consciousness is not about rejection of all forms but the integration of those that work and the reduction of those that do not.  What changes would you make in our present social structures for the benefit of all humanity and for future generations?