Laughter Is Healing And A Key Ingredient For A Wonderful Life

Today I went to a presentation through my Boulder County job about humor as the best medicine.  Thank you Brad Nieder M.D. who is very funny guy with a great message.  There was lots of laughter and an important message about having a sense of humor and not taking things so seriously that we don’t enjoy life.  Our lives are meant to be filled with enjoyment, laughter and appreciation. Our attitude and point of view shape our experience.  If we remain light, appreciate what is, and find enjoyment in each other, things will go well.  If we focus on problems and walk around angry and disappointed then our lives will be feel lousy and uncomfortable. 
These ideas are all obvious to us if we take the time to be present to our own thoughts and emotions.  If we watch our thoughts, we can make sure they are ones that make our day enjoyable.  If we look to laugh and appreciate each other then the days will be positive and happy.  If we notice how we feel we can know when a good dose of humor is needed.  If we laugh often enough even the most troubling emotions can be dissolved into a smile and a belly laugh. 
Disease can be translated into ill at ease, which means not comfortable within.  Ill at ease is caused by being too serious, by being overwhelmed by our own disruptive thinking.  If we change our thinking and lighten up everything will simply go much better. 
People say the holidays are very stressful times.  If that is true somewhere, somehow things have gotten out of whack.  Gift shopping is meant to be fun or seriousness has taken over.  Family gatherings are for enjoyment and the sharing of love or we need to change our thoughts or hire a family therapist for an intervention.  None of the complications of life are worth taking too seriously and we need to quit blaming others if things are not going well for us.  Put a smile on your face, lighten up, hang out with people that make you laugh, and remake your life emphasizing enjoying and appreciating yourself and others. 
Here is list to add more fun this holiday.  Apply if needed:

•    Go to a Messiah sing-a-long or join others for caroling and sing for the pure joy of it.
•    Bake a chocolate and real fruitcake and feed you and others with the love you put into it.
•    If there is improvisation comedy in your community go check it out for laughter and to have your heartstrings pulled.
•    Bring a plan to pump a lot of fun into your family gathering by playing games, watching something funny, sing songs, act silly, tell stories, share appreciations etc.
•    If the family memories are full of nightmares, gather a group of friends and call them your chosen family and enjoy the holiday together. 
•    Let your heart be open, feel the joy of that and share that love and joy with all those you spend time with.  Life flies by too quickly so avoid spending it in ways that are not happy.  
•    Do a spa or retreat day.  Line up some self-care, or a day of silent contemplation.  This will benefit your mind, body, emotions and spirit greatly.
•    Be thankful for all that comes you way in the        form of gifts of love, kindness, caring, thoughtfulness and surprises.

If none of these sound fun then come up with your own ideas.  Maybe your holidays are already joyous, that is something to be grateful for this season.