Be Weary Of Those Who Claim The Higher Moral Ground

It is a beautiful Sunday morning here in Boulder Colorado, a little cold yet but sunning and warming. Today we plan a drive up to Estes Park and into Rocky Mountain National Park. If you haven’t been to this wonderful National Park, put it on your agenda to visit soon.

The former Vice President Dick Cheney was on the morning talk show circuit today. As usual he was spreading fear and predicting gloom and doom. Did you see recently that he was in-charge of a secret US hit squad while he was in office? Is this really a guy with any moral compass? He also said his administration can’t be blamed for the economic crisis we are in. That is a very interesting take on the terrible job they did not watching out for this country while in office. This is a person who is a blamer, not one who takes responsibility for his own actions. He was a failure at taking good care of our country because he was so busy getting us into the mess we are in and claiming they were on the higher moral ground. How come they interview him and act like he has anything valid to say?

Did you see that AIG gave huge bonuses to their leadership people who have run the company into the ground? Is there something wrong with this picture when our taxes are supporting failed executives? Has anyone heard of corporate responsibility? How come there is no one asking if these bonuses are right at this company? Is there no moral compass there?

Is it ok to you that people who claim the higher moral ground act as if they have no sense of what that is? What to you is the higher morality?

The higher moral ground to me is:

  • First and foremost, having love, kindness and compassion for our fellow humankind, treating each other and all life with respect
  • Being honest and truthful especially when is places of trust like elected office
  • Doing no harm including protecting the planet, starting no wars, protecting the less fortunate
  • Taking responsibility for your actions, acting like an adult who knows what is right
  • Being above the urges of greed and power knowing those are ego-driven and harmful to all and instead acting with awareness and consciousness
  • Being peaceful and communicating until solutions are reached instead of acting aggressively
  • Living life with purpose, which makes a positive difference in the world

What would you add to this list or change? Have a good day.