Struggle, Is Your Focus On Limits Or Resources

Sometimes you find yourself in the midst of life struggles that you can't find your way out of even was good effort. These hard to move out of struggles are affected by a number of factors, which you can shape by your responses. The following are ways you limit you and resources you have that can set you free. First the limits:

Fear can play a large role in you getting stuck. If you are too afraid to change, you will stay in the struggle. In fear you are contracted and your inner resources cut off.
• If you have past experiences that didn't work out the way you hoped for, you may choose to avoid dealing with any situations you might fail at. This means you have closed down to possibilities.
• During the earliest years of childhood you have experiences that were difficult and you make false assumptions about all of life from these events. Often as an adult you are still run by these faulty decisions based on inadequate information.
• A closed mind is negative, chaotic, inflexible, ego-driven and falsely sure of itself. This kind of mind is rigid and unable to grow so you can learn from your mistakes and be open to new ideas.
• Not trusting yourself or the world around you keeps you stuck because most situations involve others. If you don't know how or even want to trust others or yourself, your life will remain as it is.
• When you have much self-doubt any movement towards being healthier will be tough. Not believing in yourself and/or having a low self-esteem makes you feel you don't deserve things to work out and they don't.
• If your past is filled with unfinished business and still to be expressed toxic emotions then you will be using much of the energy of life to contain or restrain what is inside of you. Without energy change is going to be very difficult.
• If you spend much time blaming and complaining then you are sure to stay in struggle. Blaming is a crap magnet and complaining means your feel helpless to change your life.

None of these factors will work to move you into a better place so here are some inner resources, ways to kick start your destruggle machine:

• The best place to begin is with an open heart. Open- hearted people are ahead of the game because they run at a higher vibration level then fear and struggle.
• If you are aware and open to insight you can figure your way out of almost any mess. There is a knowing inside of you that is always available to guide you to a better place. Your intuition is always waiting to be utilized.
• Are you willing to grow? If so, all of life becomes an opportunity for learning, all struggle becomes a playground for new growth. Being a life longer learner prepares you for the hurtles you may face.
• There is in you a Higher Self that is not bound by ego and personality and that always knows what is best for you. This Self is your spiritual force and your direct link to the Source of all creation. This is an amazing force that can change struggle into joy and freedom.
• When the positive mind runs your show then there are many happy endings. A mind that is supportive and encouraging feels free to do what is necessary, when it is needed, for the best possible results.
• There is a part of you that is capable of being an observer of watching you and your life detached from the drama and with the necessary impartiality to shed light on who you are and what you are up to. This watcher beyond the mind sees what is true.
• Sometimes what is needed is courage to live with an intention and to make a commitment to move you towards the life you want. Courage from the heart is needed, a clear intention sets the course of action and commitment assures results will be created.
• Finding your channel to a Higher Power, to Spirit, the Creative Force of the Universe will look differently than anyone else’s. This relationship is one some give their lives up to, others make requests, and still others sit listening quietly.
• Having compassionate friends is a great resource because you can reach out for help beyond your own self-imposed limits. Support groups serve a similar purpose of providing feedback that sidesteps blind spots.
• Self-acceptance is where you want to be. Anything less is something you learned falsely. There never was nor will there ever be a better you if you just be who you are. The world needs that from you.
• Do you realize that your potential is unlimited? It is. What are you sensing inside that wants to blossom in you. Tap into your vast reserves of possibility and bless the world with you coming into your full expression.
• Yes you do have a specific purpose that is unique to you. Living it will bring you great joy and satisfaction and leave the world a better place. Are you waiting for something or have you been exploring and expressing you life in meaningful ways?
• There is the practice of mindfulness that is about taking back your mind from the chaos of thoughts set on hurry and worry. Mindfulness is liberation from the untidiness of destructive self-talk and opening to the stillness of your deeper knowing.
• Taking responsibility for your life will set you free to be the creator of your own reality. Feeling that you have the ability to respond to the world around you makes you an empowered human being.
• Emotional well-being means you appreciate, acknowledge and validate how you feel. There are no good or bad feelings, instead there is simply a feedback system that tells you if you are “on” course or “off” course. Well-being is the realization and healthy flow of energy in motion, emotion.

Please use this information to set yourself free from as much struggle as you can. It will make life more of a joy to live and peaceful in the heart.