Input and Output

Today I want to share with you a simple idea that will greatly affect your outlook on life. What you input into you mind will shape: how you view life, how you feel about yourself, and the kind of results you create. This uncomplicated idea makes great sense but it is so often over looked. Let me give you some examples of input and output:

People who watch the nightly news especially the networks that are filled with crime, drama and suffering like Fox are bound to feel uncomfortable with the world they live in. This input equals fear and anxiety and can be very disturbing to you mental health.

People who ready uplifting books and articles, take time to meditate and be mindful and avoid negative input feel more positive about life. This input equals a more peaceful and calm experience of yourself and of your world.

People who listen to talk radio especially programs that are negative and critical like Rush Limbaugh feel angry and fearful. This input creates a powerful disturbing force inside which can negatively affect health and eliminate your ability to enjoy life.

People who are passionate about their work, are active in their learning, put lots of energy into their families, tend to feel positive about themselves and their world. This input of passionate living will make life a joyous adventure.

People who spend time worrying, blaming, hurrying anxiously about will find their lives to be very unsettling. This input of anxiousness, of fear, and of the mind out of control will make you feel powerless and a victim of circumstances.

People who are compassionate and loving to themselves and others, who reach out to help those in need are often a joy to be around because their hearts are open. This input of loving-kindness makes the world a better place and you feel positive about yourself and the world.

This is the simple theory of input and output. Is there any question that you must carefully attend to what you let in? Disturbing movies and TV shows can be very unsettling. A quiet walk in nature will be peaceful and soothing to you. Be mindful and you will feel positive about you and your life.