The Hell Realm Of The Mind

The ground is again white outside and frankly I am done with Winter. It looks like Swine Flu is the latest fear-hyped news story. My basketball team is struggling in the playoffs. The Right is going crazy trying to attack Obama. Just lots of stuff going on that I could be upset about but I am not. From what I can tell, none of these circumstances really matter that much. Instead of getting worked up about what is going on, I won’t let my mind take me down the slippery slope called negativity.

When the mind has a negative or limiting thought and continues to stay focused on what is wrong or not ok, it is like driving your car off a cliff. You go down, down, down so fast into the hell realm of your mind. This is creating pain and suffering for yourself because you don’t have control of your own thoughts. Thoughts focused on blame, complaining, what is wrong, or negativity will grow a huge snowball of discontent within you.

This is the mind driving off the slippery slope of negativity into the hell realm of thought:

Is this really where you want to go? When you indulge in negativity, you create your suffering and no one else is to blame for your state of mind. This is why people who listen to negative talk-radio often feel miserable is because their minds linger in the crap of people’s opinion and thereby cause themselves lots of suffering.

Turn off the crap magnet of negative mind and instead find thoughts and ideas for you that are hopeful, positive, solution oriented, towards constructive action, compassionate, seeking to understand, expanding awareness, realizing of your potential, loving, accepting, strategizing, in search of useful change, purposeful and so much more that can make you feel better about your life in the moment.

Being negative or hanging out in discontent is not motivational even though some might argue it is. In fact it takes away energy you might have to do something constructive. This is because when you complain and blame you place yourself in a powerless position. You basically say this is awful and I am unable to do anything about it except complain.

As a reminder, the only time that really matters is right now, and right now you can change how you think so that happiness and peace of mind is possible. Have good thoughts and you will have a good day.