It Is Always Time For Giving

Today after my presentation at the court about the services our treatment program provides, I got to go to a community awards ceremony with programs that partner with Public Health to make a difference in the community. The awards went out to three effective programs/individuals who have put their positive mark on those who live in this community. It is always an inspiration to me to see people so passionate and so filled with compassion for serving others in need.

What drives people to do good for others? Is it their innate goodness? Is it because they feel they should? Is it because they have an open heart? Is it because they realize the interconnection of us all? Is it their spirit in action? Is it to offset the challenges they endured from their childhood? Is it because it feels so positive to give to others? Is it just a job they do well? Is it that they value helping others so they live by their values? What other reasons do people make such a commitment to the betterment of others?

These questions are part of the search to see what motivates you and I to get involved, to do something that leaves the world a better place. The reason this is important to explore is that in every person is a desire to do something that has meaning. You feel that don’t you? A meaningful life goes beyond the acquiring of what you want and includes how you improved the experiences of others.

The thing about giving is that it creates a positive feeling inside that is almost instant. Acts of kindness like: really listening to someone, being supportive, encouraging a co-worker’s efforts, acknowledging the unique qualities of those around you, cheering others on through their personal struggles, reaching out to someone who is alone, baking cookies for a neighbor who is grieving, calling someone who may be housebound, giving of your time or financial resource to an organization in need, or many others acts of compassion could make a real difference for someone and will give you the gift of feeling better about yourself.

It seems obvious to me that all the world’s problems can be solved by an attitude of giving to each other. Do you agree?