Finding Your Internal Motivation

Internal motivation can sometimes be tricky to read. There are a number of forces attempting to influence you and I at all times. These influential forces include: intuition, a rationalizing mind, social conditioning, faulty beliefs, spirit, family expectations, higher self, gut instincts, fear, self-doubt, higher consciousness, ego, desire to look good, need for control, a search for meaning and purpose, and more. Our inner forces can be healthy, positive and proactive or off balance, negative and reactive.

The off balance and negative forces always come from a place of fear and contraction in us. They usually feel heavy, depressing and not right. It is important to be aware of when we close down and go against what a higher part of us know is the right path. Our body and our emotions are great indicators of heading in the wrong direction. When we feel tight, uncomfortable, low energy and unhappy, we are headed in the wrong direction.

Positive forces inside are always available to tell us what is right for us and which way we need to go. Intuition, gut instinct, the still small voice of higher consciousness and our spirit may be all the same higher knowing coming through different channels in us. When we feel ourselves open up, when our energy begins to rise, when we feel more alive, we are heading in the right direction. Our bodies feel relaxed, our hearts feel open, our minds slow down. and our spirit expands in our awareness. Life feels good when we are aligned with our purpose and our motivation naturally soars.

High motivation means ready to do what it takes, willing to stay on course, and able to be passionate, creative and smart about all the challenges and possibilities that lie ahead. A motivated person in driven by internal forces not from the world around him or her. Ultimately successful people know they are responsible for making their lives the way they want them to be.

What turns on the light in you, what stirs your heart, what calls you to action, what says let’s go, what energizes you with passion, what quietly guides you with clarity towards the life your desire? These forces are your motivation and all you have to do is pay attention and it will become clear to you the what, where and how of it all.

May your inner forces be beacons of guidance so that you feel totally on the path of your most meaningful and rewarding self-expression. Journey well.