Healthcare = Peace of Mind

Let’s get clear about this one fact. In the United States healthcare is above all else about profits for health insurance companies. The more denied claims, the less services provided, the bigger co-pays are about maximizing profits. Almost all other civilized nations offer health coverage for all with the well-being of its citizen’s as the #1 objective. There is something very wrong with a system that cares more about profits than about people and that is the Insurance Industry in America.

My passion is peace so why do I write about insurance companies and healthcare? The reason is that for genuine peace of mind we need to know that our health is covered. If we don’t have health coverage or it is very inadequate then it can be difficult to be peaceful inside. If we are not peaceful inside it will be hard to have a peaceful world.

Corporations for profit lack the heart to care about their services. If the people don’t ultimately matter then there is no heart to the services they provide. There are actually doctors working for insurance companies who job it is to deny claims and they get bigger bonuses the more claims they reject. Is that being a heartless corporation or what? Where there is no heart there is no peace.

The single payer system can be government run with heart and without profits being the single guiding force. When everyone in this country has their healthcare covered, there will be the possibility for real peace within the people. A peaceful people is what we want to inhabit our planet for the good of all.

The time is critical right now in Washington DC to push for real change in healthcare. Please contact all your elected representatives and let them know you expect healthcare for every citizen that is fair, reasonable and not driven by the profit motive. Canada, England, France, Japan, Cuba and many more countries have government run programs that really work well for their people.

The insurance companies put out millions of dollars of misinformation about single payer systems using fear to protect their profits. Insurance companies also pay our elected official large sums of campaign money to buy influence. Insurance companies are also invested in tobacco companies to build their profits. These corporations don’t really care about you even if they spend lots of money trying to convince you that they do. This is not acceptable and real change is possible now if you get involved.

Please contact somebody involved in making these critical decisions today and advocate for real and positive change in America’s Healthcare system.