Questions Worth A Thoughtful Exploration

Lately a lot of questions have been rolling around in my brain as is often the case. I wanted to share some of them with you because I thought you might find them valuable in sorting out what is true for you. Here are my questions for this Friday:

1. Is angry aggression ok to use against people you disagree with philosophically?
2. Is hate and racism acceptable for any reason in today's society?
3. Is blaming and complaining the way to get our nation headed in the right direction?
4. Is it really ok to claim to be a right-to-life person and kill those who act in opposition to your point of view?
5. Is intolerance of others a sign of an open or closed mind and heart?
6. Is a closed heart able to act for the good of humanity?
7. Are those that spread blame and hate not responsible for inciting dysfunctional actions in those that commit acts of violence?
8. Are the two recent shootings a product of radical right-wing thinking and how are their actions different than radical right-wing Moslems?
9. Is rigid thinking and people who don’t like to be questioned a problem in this country?
10. Is it ok to be on a mission to change people to your point of view if your thinking is rigid or your compassion is not engaged in what you are doing?
11. Is it really ok to have the making of profits the guiding principle of our country?
12. Is it acceptable to treat others poorly because they think different then you do?
13. Is it ok to attack the plans of other when you don’t have any plans to bring about positive change?
14. Is anyone’s belief truly more right than anyone else’s belief?
15. Are our thoughts real or just a collection of words in our head we give meaning to?
16. Is there a knowing in us beyond the rational mind?
17. Why would any man made religion be any better that another?
18. Does sin, heaven, hell, damnation, guilt, apocalypse, good or bad exist in any other place than the human mind?
19. Do you feel empowered enough to speak up for what you think is right and fair?
20. Is the need to dominate and control others a healthy urge?
21. Is there really any limit to the capacity of the human heart to love and have compassion for self and others?

I hope you found these questions provocative enough to expand how you think about human nature.

Have a thoughtful and fun Friday.