The Ocean's Roar Is In Me Still

On my vacation I was listening to the roar of the ocean and feeling the sun on my skin and I thought the ocean is always roaring whether I can hear it or not. You probably are thinking of course it is. You would be right but is the roar in you?

This insight about the roar and me missing the ocean here in Colorado got me thinking. Of course the roar is in you and me at all times because we are beyond the physical limitations of our body. Our consciousness knows no limits. If I want to tune in right now I can sense the primal soup of the ocean in the particles of my body and in my unitive consciousness with all humans walking along the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Artic or whatever ocean they may be dipping their toes into right now.

Does that sound too way out for you? That is ok if it is but ponder this: there is a collective consciousness that all of us are plugged into whether we are conscious of it or not. This consciousness exists in the quiet moments we tune inward. This consciousness exists right now as you notice your breath and someone along the Ganges does the same. There is at our highest level of realization something we could call one-mind, one-heart, or one spirit, which represent the unity all humans share here on this planet.

The other reality is the same particle of the planet that where breathed in and out by the earliest earthly inhabitants are still circulating through us. The particles of primitive man, Napoleon, Joan of Arc, Jesus, Michelangelo, Groucho Marx and all others stir within us as they have since the beginning of life. Even the negative ions of the surf flow through us and mine were just refreshed lately.

Yes we are all more connected than we realize at so many levels. We all feel the push of the tide by the moon even if we are two days away by car from the ocean. We feel the chaos going on in Iran in our consciousness. We sense the joy from championships in Lakerland and Pittsburg even if we really don’t care about professional sports. We feel in our hearts the fear of so many that struggle during these challenging times.

Look around you and take a moment to think about what acts of kindness you can spread this week with your Earthly family. All giving comes back in wonderful ways.

Peace and joy to you this week of Summer’s arrival.