A Recipe For Aliveness

What's on your mind lately about the state of affairs in our country and around the world? Are North Korea and Iran as big of threat as people would want us to believe? Should marijuana be legalized or at least decriminalized? How about other drugs? How is this economy affecting your life directly? Are you feeling hopeful or doubtful about where we are headed? Is the government in Washington DC truly looking out for what is best for the people?

There is a part of me that feels like doing a political rant and another part that says wait a minute, let’s consider what are the ways to make the best out of the time we face. As I sit here writing I became clear that the rant is just me playing the blame game and that is not where I want to place my mind at this time.

What seems most productive is to come up with a recipe for aliveness. Many of these will be familiar to regular readers of this blog but to have them spelled out in this way may invite a further awareness in you about ways to live life more fully.

Recipe For Aliveness:

A big cup of mindfulness – what you think and how you talk to yourself will shape your experience of life. Please without a doubt speaking kindly to yourself and focus your thoughts on hope and positive options.
Two scoops of heart – a giving heart is a wonderful gift to the world. Figure out how you can give more in ways that energize you and that you enjoy doing.
A cube of fun – life happens so fast that often you and I are too busy to have fun. That is missing the point of life. Figure out how to have fun at least once each day in your interactions and in doing things you enjoy.
28 ounces of water – hydrating the body has numerous benefits for your health. If you motor is low on oil it may break down, so too with the body.
6 ounces of concentrated Purple Purposeful Passion juice - to bring color and aliveness to what you doing with your life. Passion is a driving force that helps realize your purpose in colorful and vibrant ways.
30 minutes of high heat – exercise to lighten the load of stress that is draining you of vital life force. Working out gives you a break and rebalances the body and mind. Focus on three ingredients: strength, endurance and flexibility
A pinch of moments – every moment lived in the present is a gift to you and to the world. Be fully in your life minute-by-minute, live in the now as if your life depended on it. It does if you goal is to be alive.
Set your timer – take quiet time being present with your higher Self, your spirit is like dipping into a well of goodness that will only enhance your life in wonderful ways.
Take out the dessert when it is done – no over baking, move on, let go, and lighten up. You are here to express you as fully as possible in ways that bring you joy.

If you would like to cook up a good life, practice this recipe until you can do it tastefully over and over again.