Inspiration Is All Around You

Inspiration is a real gift and I feel so inspired lately by the creative spirit in my fellow citizens of the planet. While in Carmel and Monterey I visited a few galleries that were filled with beautiful art. One of the abstract painters Carolyn Cole really inspired me to get out my paints and start exploring again. What inspires you into creative expression?

Another very inspirational experience is a CD and DVD which I first saw part of on Bill Moyer’s show last year. The Playing For Change CD and DVD are now available and they are a pure joy to watch and listen to. For more information and to check this music out, go to If you are a political progressive you can buy this wonderful set at where part of the money from the purchase goes to keeping informative, free of advertiser influence, and going strong. What kinds of music lift you to a higher plane of personal expression?

We saw beautiful homes, landscaping and oceans scenes that were picture perfect. A state park called Point Lobos, just south of the town of Carmel, was full of the most incredible scenery. These beautiful natural settings like Point Lobos and Big Sur are not the creation of humans but our taking good care of them is full of human expression. You can tell the many staff and volunteers take pride in their parks. For more on these fabulous parks check out: Where in nature are you uplifted?

The Monterey Aquarium was an opportunity to see what happens under the surface of the blue Pacific. The fish, shark, seahorses, and otters were worth the price of admission but the Jellyfish exhibit was unlike anything I have seen before. The one window was like a giant painting being explored as we watched. Another showed these tiny jellyfish with a light show going on inside in the deep dark sea. Being at the ocean to me feels like home but I knew so little about what was under the surface. Isn’t that like life? There is so much to each person if we can get below the surface.

If you are open and look around you will find inspiration in many forms. If you are willing to go a little deeper and listen a little more compassionately, both inwardly and with those in your life, you will find life to be full of inspiration all around you.

Have a good week.