From Young And Fearless To Older And More Selective

All day yesterday I was at training about Motivational Interviewing, which is an evidence-based intervention for people who have addiction, mental health issues, and a number of other applications. The 2-day training will continue today. The trainer is great and keeps things interesting and moving along at a nice clip but still it is hard to sit for a full day of information. I have great compassion for the many who sit all day in their jobs while they busily do their work. I have to get up and move around. My body just feels better being mobile every hour or so.

This training is about some really excellent concepts and I will next train some of our staff on these ideas. The techniques are simple and familiar enough and have many positive applications. These are cornerstones ideas for any counselor, social worker and helping professional.

There was time also to notice things going on inside as my thoughts and emotions were in a busy flow of activity. What I did observe is that except for two others I was much older than most of the rest of the attendees. The significance of that got me feeling more of what has been stirring in me lately. I have been feeling like I am not going to live forever. That my work career is no longer as important to me as it was. That working 40 hours a week is not what I want to do anymore. That I think I want to do more training, supervision/consultation and less direct services. This is a bit of an unsettled time for me.

As I approach 60, my body feels more vulnerable. I am restless to enter a more contemplative time of my life. Sometimes I play it safer than I use to and am less willing to take risks. That playing safer and taking fewer risks feels both disappointing and more comfortable. I feel like I am transitioning from young and fearless to older and more selective of where to put my energy.

It is my hope that you are still so young that none of my concerns have crossed your mind. However incase you are aging like I am, please take the time to pay attention to what is going on in your mind, emotions, body and your higher self. Be respectful of the changes going on. Be kind and understanding of your own process.

As I write this some of my awareness is so new that I have yet even spoken about it. Life is really an interesting journey. Travel well.