Flowing With Change

Goodbyes can be hard to do. In this detox and recovery job things change and people move on. When you work everyday with people in an intense environment you get to appreciate them or get tired of being around them. At this point I tend to be much more focused on their attributes than seeing them in a negative light. Life presents us with many opportunities to deal with change both positive and sometime with loss and a sense of sadness.

How do you deal with changes, with saying goodbye, with moving on because it is necessary for you at this time in your life? Do you prefer to have a party and share memories or walk away quietly and avoid any emotional moments? Do you hide from change, fight it, or embrace it? When it is time to move on do you sneak out the back door or honor the time you shared with others?

How we deal with these emotional times is unique to each of us. Today in saying goodbye there were a number of funny stories shared about the person moving on and lots of laughter. Laughter is a great way to relieve the tension of emotions that might otherwise seem too intense for those that feel the loss. Loss is an interesting emotion because sometimes we feel much more loss than anticipated. These moments of pure feelings are genuine and truly what makes being human special.

When change comes about do you adapt easily or resist? The reasons are many to be a flexible adaptor. Change is a given and if you can flow easily with change then you will be ahead of the curve of those around you. Adaptability means you can learn from change and translate it into a positive circumstance. Flowing like a river around big boulders/obstacles allows you to arrive and the destiny in one piece and energized for further action.

If instead resistance is your course of change, your probably are experiencing fear. The unknown can loom large in your mind like an imaginary monster in the closet. Another more comfortable pathway down the road of change is to focus on the beneficial results. If you can find a way to open to the new possibilities, you will find things going much better and surprisingly easier.

I hope your changes are fun and easy like they goodbye we had today for a pleasant young co-worker who is going back to college to finish up her degree. Laughter filled room as we shared our best for her. There is laughter waiting inside you in even the most difficult times ahead. Don’t be afraid to let it out.

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