An Ode To Laughter

Today I sat down to read my latest copy of Ode Magazine and got distracted remembering I had not yet written my blog for the weekend. I skimmed the issue and got excited about reading it because the entire issue is about laughter. I can’t think of a more fun topic.

Laughter to me is a great spiritual practice because it is about being fully present, about enjoying the moment. Laughter seems an essential of life, without it life is boring and much too serious. With laughter comes a smile, wonderful body vibrations, lots of immune system activation, and the best feelings of optimism, joy and love. Laughter opens the heart to love, opens the body to health, opens the mind to a sense of humor, and frees the spirit to feel perfectly aligned with the inner divine and the Great Source.

Have you ever been to a Laughter Yoga class? Google laughter yoga and see where there is a class in your town/city. If you can’t find one, go take a class on laughter yoga and sharing it with your community.

Develop your sense of humor. Imagine what your life would be like if it was your purpose to make people laugh. What a great job that would be, don’t your think?

Almost all humor is appreciated except for sarcasm, which is a sense of humor with an edge and a bit of anger. Making fun of others is another form of humor that misses the higher mark of lifting people up.

My experience of those that I would call enlightened is that they have a wonderful sense of humor. Therefore I would say making people laugh is a very high way to be in the world.

Pick up the August copy of Ode Magazine and join me in reading these articles and we can have a good laugh together.

Checkout this site about having fun which I found thru  Fun