Awakening From The Dream State Called Life

This has seemed like a long month for some reason maybe it was a long time between paychecks that slowed the time down. Usually summer months fly by too fast but the summer here has been very wet which is kind of unheard of here at the foot of the Rockies. The cacti are looking confused and everything is green and over watered in an area that is usually brown and dry. Maybe it’s climate change, I can’t think of another reason?

Lately I have been exploring a concept I have been reading about that says we are always dreaming. Whether asleep or up and doing our day, it is all a dream. The Buddha was called the Awakened One because he realized the human dream and awoke to be full present.

As you look around at people, it is easy to see how many are living dream like under the influence of drugs and alcohol, workaholism, habits, hurry and worry, fear, resentments, blaming and complaining, obsessive behaviors, sports/food/shopping fanaticism, and many more dysfunctional responses to life. This is about we humans trying to adapt to what is not working. Living under the influence in a numb dreamlike state seems like what life is about for many and certainly what they learned from their upbringing.

As life goes on more and more people slide under the influence of medications to deal with pain and an unresponsive immune systems. This slide happens too often because the work needed to be healthy takes effort and discipline. And for other reasons people checkout although most will never know because they too show the affects of a numbing life.

All of this may sound a bit dreary. I am sorry if that seems the case to you, but there is hope. First we must take the time to expand our awareness and explore the dream we are living. This exploration might actually cause us to awaken. The Buddha’s awakening was a human evolutionary step. For us to awaken could be less of a challenge because of the Buddha and the many since him who have also awakened.

You have in you the ability, genetic road map, and the collective consciousness to full awaken. For your awakening there are many practices that can work and a teacher may be all you need. However before you go off somewhere in search of guidance, let me suggest a simple phrase to explore that I suggested a few days ago. The phrase is, “I AM” and what I have found out about the way it works is quite simple. Just repeating the phrase throughout the day as you do your life, will anchor you into the deeper reality of you beyond the dream. If you are willing to explore this simple tool of awakening, you will alter your life forever.

Please share with the world what you discover.