Ego Strength and Shrinking the Ego

Since I wrote yesterday’s blog I have been thinking about ways to shrink the impact of the human ego on our lives. Let’s see if I can share some ideas you will find of value.

First before shrinking the influence of the ego, a person has to have ego strength. Ego strength in this case means having a sense of self that is positive enough to feel at least ok about who you are. Many of the addiction clients I work with have no positive sense of self, which means our work starts with building enough ego strength to start to feel ok about self. This work is basically rebuilding much of their past conditioning and helping them to say goodbye to the guilt and shame caused by their behavior. This work can take a very long time but is essential if a person is to have any hope of moving to a place of well-being.

The time to working on shrinking the influence of the ego is when a person is too inflated or exaggerated about who they think they are. This over inflation is really often an over compensation for poor ego strength. Those who have much self-doubt often act as if they were confident in a way that lacks genuineness. This bravado like behavior can seem boastful and arrogant. When a person has ego strength the need to show off or act as if all together disappears. I realize as I write this that I am still not getting to the why’s and how’s of how to shrink the ego.

Shrinking the ego is necessary to open to a greater or higher knowing within. In order for a person to find humbleness, patience, compassion, receptivity, kindness and other expansive states the ego has to be small enough to let these higher influences in. I hope this is making sense?

The ego takes a less and less of a predominate role when the heart and spirit of the person are the guiding forces. If we are able to step beyond the confusion of seeking control, worry, fear and discomfort, there lies the world beyond the ego.

The ego thrives on past and future obsessions. Being present throws the ego off and shrinks its power.

The ego wants us to be in chaos so the ego can be in charge. When we are peaceful and calm, the ego can become agitated before it really is quiet.

The ego shrinks with self-awareness. The more aware and conscious we become, the more the ego is no longer at the helm.

The ego looses power when we move away from the polarities of good and bad and the endless judging of others and situations. The more impartiality we develop, the less the ego is able to run our lives.

The ego dislikes, order, clear intention, purposeful focus and all things that are about running our lives in a positive direction. The more we are clear about what we want and how we plan to make it happen, the more the ego is forced to into the corner of powerlessness.

The ego stands no chance against the wisdom of the heart. Love and compassion always win out over the need to look good or seek the approval of others both big on the ego agenda.

I hope these are helpful ideas and bring some clarity. Please feel free to ask questions in the comment section below if you want to know more.