Yes! Yes! Yes! To The Public Option

This is my social activism for the week as it has been the past month or so. Our people in Washington DC are caving into the pressures of the healthcare/insurance/drug/medical industry. These corporations do not want any real change because they are making a killing (sorry for the use of that word but it fits here) on the backs of most of us. The public option is essential to bring real competition to the healthcare industry.

There is little or no beneficial competition in this industry except who is making the most money. These profit machines are all in agreement things are going great for the management and major investors of these corporations. If you were a major investor in any of these companies, you would not want change either. There is way too much profit to be made for their benefit at great cost to the average person.

This is not about socialized medicine; this is about doing what is right. The spin doctors that call it socialized are trying to instill the fear of government in us. If our government was doing a good job, health care for all would have been in existence long ago as it is in Europe and in many other countries. It is not here in the US because so far the merchants of fear have won the battle. This is not about big government this is about compassion in government, the very thing the very rich business types oppose because it means less money for them.

If there is any socialism going on it is the government programs that keeps making the richer richer; paying off bad investments for banks and investment firms; and subsidizing oil companies and factory farms. That is a kind of profitism for the rich by having the government do everything they can to support the status quo. This makes no sense unless your money talks in government and it obviously does.

If the common citizen opposes universal health care in this country then they have fallen for the fear argument of the rich corporate misinformation campaigns, which there are many. Government is not the problem; it is the people who have the major influence that are the problem. It is time to wake up from the faulty information and the not-thought-out beliefs.

Come on people kick the brain into gear and read the facts and stop listening to the raving talk show/opinion people who are totally in the pocket of big money as is Fox News the network whose viewers are fed misinformation daily. We were all given a brain to sort out the truth, isn’t it time we used them for the good of all? We were all given a heart to have compassion for each other and to look out for what is best for the people. Is you mind working, is your heart open? Are you run by the fear generated by the fear mongers or are you awake enough to sort out the truth?

I ask these questions of myself too. I can feel the fear of an unknown future. I can feel fear of a body that is getting older and feeling more fragile. I can feel the fear yet I choose instead to seek out the truth, to search for what is the best solutions for us all not what will make the most money. This is an unquestionable truth: when profits drive what you do, both compassion and truth take a second seat to the almighty dollar.

There is much information but you already know in your heart what is right so leave the fear mongering and misinformation behind and give your elected representatives in DC a call or stop by this week at their local office. Tell them that the public option is essential and you want them to take a strong and clear stand for real healthcare reform that must include a public option and healthcare for everyone in this country.

Don't forget to have a good week, activism will feel good, keeping your heart open will feel good, and having an open mind will feed good.