Ten Human Qualities Worth Exploring

There are qualities in you that would significantly enrich your life. If someone told you that you had powerful qualities within to shape your life as you want it to be, would you find out these qualities and then go about utilizing them. I assume the answer would be, “Yes.”

Well here it is, someone telling you that these qualities within you are powerful forces for shaping the life you desire. These qualities may not be in your awareness at this time or may need further development. The point is to realize these qualities and integrate them into your life in meaningful ways.

Ten qualities within you worth exploring and growing:

Gentleness – The world you and I live in seems to have forgotten this quality at least in the realm of politics. However in the person-to-person realm the gentleness of a person is welcomed. This gentleness is in us if, we learn to quiet ourselves, feel our hearts, and be open to the unity that exist between all of us. Being a gentle person makes the world a better place.

Humility – It use to be a valued way of being in the world. Now humble people get lost in shuffle of hurry, worry and so much arrogance. Humbleness comes from having respect for self, an understanding of our higher knowing, and an open mind. The quiet strength and lack of need to be in control are wonderful attributes of humility.

Boldness – Taking life and living it fully with courage is boldness in action. Not being afraid of “no’s” or rejections as if guided by a greater force for living boldly. Boldness is a fresh and often untried way of exploring who we are and our interplay with others and their rules, beliefs, and expectations. The boisterous force of boldness leaves others in awe and the world a more vibrant place.

– This is a way of being with who we are and fully with all those we interact with that shows heart and consciousness. This is freedom from the cultural programming of judging everyone and everything as good or bad. Acceptance is a wonderful gift of giving that begins inward and spreads out into those around us.

Peacemaking – There are too many out there harping about what is wrong and creating worry and fear. The peacemaker is the opposite in search of compassion, understanding and common ground. As a peacemaker we go about listening, communicating and seeking solutions that will put us all at ease. Peace begins in the silence of our own awareness and blossoms out into the world.

Persistence – This is the ability to keep going. Too many people fail because they stop before they get to the finish line. A persistent person only stops when their goal or commitment is achieved. The ability to keep on going against challenging odds, to never quit even when it gets hard to follow through, and reaching the glory of a journey completed with great respect for one’s intentions.

Surrender – This means to give up the ego-mind’s journey of dominance and control. The higher path is one of giving in to what is wiser, to the knowing of a greater force, the letting go of the delusions of our own power, and to instead welcome in the Great Source of Creation. We can surrender to our higher self and be free to live unbounded by any lesser forces.

Passion – This is to live with a charge of emotions that can drive us to the greatest human heights. To have a passionate purpose would mean to live each day with the intention of being who we are as fully and completely as we can for the betterment of all of us here on Mother Earth. Passion is the fruit of the heart juicy with possibilities and ripe for success.

Ambition – To be our best, to live as only we can live, to create only what we alone are here to do, to walk on the stage of life and give a command performance that leaves everyone in buzzing silence. This desire to live and be fully our highest expression has the power to change humanity profoundly. This however is not the journey of the ego but a higher calling from within called our personal destiny.

Giving – This is the heart in action, this is the path of kindness and the way of a caring human being. Giving means to reach out to others in ways that free of our own agenda. The ways of giving comes from the highest human expression of love. Giving always feels great both in the giving and the receiving that comes from giving. The light of giving is so needed now, please share your light as often as you can.

Which ones are you acquainted with and which ones would you like to grow in you?