Essential Rights For A Sane World

The health insurance debate has got us all stirred up on so many levels so I thought I would share with you ideas that seem essential to a sane world. Please feel free to add in the comment section below what rights you would include.

We have the right to Universal Health Care for everyone. This is the way it is in all other civilized countries. Let the insurance companies sell their car, life, and home insurance. We can trust our government to be more compassionate than profit driven corporations in shaping our health care coverage.

We have the right to prosperity for all. The wealth on the planet must be shared, not held by mostly 5% of the people. This means that everyone can have all that they need and more and the rest can be used for the good of all.

We have the right to clean air and water and a healthy Earth. All pollution for profit must come to an end. This means a plan must be made immediately for that to happen. Corporation’s rights are always secondary to the rights of the planet and the people.

We have the right to a peaceful world. All those who want to fight can go to a deserted island and beat the crap out of each other. That island will be called Ego Island. The weapons industry and all its waste and destruction will be eliminated. The right to have guns is for those who are too afraid to communicate with others. They live in fear not in peace.

We have the right to be free from the tyranny of religion. Religious beliefs do no belong anywhere but in the mind of the believer. Those that are sure they have the only right beliefs are closed minded fools. There are no right beliefs, there are only individuals exploring their relationship with a Higher Power. Consciousness and awareness can be our guide.

We have the right to live a life filled with compassion, kindness and love. The human heart is a beautiful gift to all humanity. In each of us is an endless capacity to love. Those that choose to express love are a beautiful addition to the planet.

We have the right to express, create and be ourselves fully. Those who would judge us are missing out on the fun of being alive. There are no two people on the planet alike, so let tolerance and understanding be guiding principles.

What would you add to this list?