Tantrum Time For Those Who Don’t Get Their Way

Eleven windows were smashed by a hammer at the Denver Democratic Headquarters early Tuesday morning. The motivation is unclear but no other nearby windows in other offices where damaged.

How come there is such hate among those who call themselves Republican against the Democratic Party? No Democrats accused Bush of being Hitler, showed up with guns and his rallies, and were obviously so hostile and hateful. Many thought Bush was a disaster as a president but people didn’t attack him and his family with such hatred. Most just questioning what he was doing.

It seems that some Republican members don’t like to be out of power and they especially don’t like government when the Democrats run it. It is as if these small-minded actions are by people who really don’t have the capacity of rational thoughts? Hostile actions like this are meant to threaten people who think differently than they do. How angry and controlling is that?

This sounds too much like the workings of inadequate egos who feel they need to establish control. Almost like a tantrum from not getting their way.

The healthcare debate has stirred up many people. This is a positive thing to get people involved in the political process. It seems that most people agree that our health care system is broken. There is however a small vocal group who may not have health care coverage (doubtful) or they have no idea what they need but are stirred up by some ideology and are against anything they are told to be against.

Change is needed for the benefit of all and it has nothing to do with “Socialism,” nothing to do with “death panels,” nothing to do with big government. The Bush Administration build a much bigger government spying on all of us and no one confronted them.

The debate against the “public option,” which is essential to real change, is filled full of oppositional lies and fear tactics. There are no substantial arguments against the public option other than the endless talking points put out by the insurance industry and their supporters. Is anybody really thinking critically when they oppose a better health care system that would truly be of benefit to them?

What happened to real discussion and doing what’s best for the people? This debate to me is very simple: keep this broken system as it is and keep making these companies rich on our backs or bring about real change so we can all be fully covered for reasonable prices. The question is not whether we need a better health care system; it is how we are going to do it?