Freedom Of Speech Is Essential But Rudeness Is Not

A reader called me an “ass” yesterday for one of my recent blog posts. I felt anger rise in me but I quickly let it go because I decided to not let this person rent space in my head. What I don’t understand is that a blog is just a person’s ideas or opinion, nothing more and to call someone a name for his point of view seems so judgmental and childish. This person must be angry or in pain or why would he strike out at me for sharing my perspective? I erased his comments because I refuse to be part of such heartlessness.

The world has lots of issues but this name-calling and senseless treating of others has no place in a civilized society. Freedom of speech is essential but rudeness is not part of the constitution.

Speaking of rudeness, I happened to catch a little of Rush on the Glenn Beck show. I just heard a snippet of their interaction and frankly I was so aghast that they were just making things up and what they said had no basis in truth, which maybe isn’t their concern? They are welcome to their opinion but seriously why would anyone listen to such nonsense?

Nonsense to me is when a person’s point of view is so full of bias that he or she can see straight. I too have biases but I also don’t make things up to support my biases. I would rather know the truth, How about you?

Truth is really an individual matter. Some who are convinced they know the truth seem to insist that others agree with them. As I listen to and read the nonsense people speak and write, I wonder how they got so out of touch with their own thoughts and feelings. The mind and the heart typically don’t lie. The ego-mind is the most vulnerable to misinformation because it wants to know and be in control. This mind also wants to feed its beliefs, which can often be huge blind spots in seeing what is right or not. The heart is much more able to dissect the truth from the false.

Well it is Friday and the summer is quickly slipping away and I am tired of being in my head after a busy week interacting with intense people.

Have a good weekend. I will be back on Monday with a new post.

If you want to read the anti-Rush checkout Helen an 82 year old who tells it like it is with no holds barred and with humor.