The Benefits of Guidance

I recently got an email from one of the spiritual teachers I have come to value greatly. John Sherman's wisdom is a unique brand of his own journey and the wisdom of the East. In his newsletter was a request for financial assistance, which he and his wife were in need of so that they could continue their important work. As is the case with all true spiritual teachers, he never requires any money for his teachings. He relies totally on donations.

His donations have not met his needs. What he has to offer is an exceptional perspective that everyone needs to hear and would benefit from if they want to enrich their life experience. If you want to find out more about his teaching check out his site where you can read what he has written and watch videos. I am confident you will be inspired so please make a donation so that his teachings will continue to be spread out into the world. Real wisdom is so needed in these uncertain and challenging times.

It is interesting to me that a great teacher like John struggles to make it. It seems like our priorities have gotten misplaced and our spiritual needs too often take a back seat to the stories we tell ourselves about what will make us feel better. These stories are usually focused on the outside world with hopes of feeling better on the inside. This is faulty thinking and based on the conditioned mindset of us here in America. This conditioning seems to have as themes: "the one with the most toys wins," or I can buy my way out of the pain I feel in my heart.

The benefits of consumer therapy are greatly over exaggerated. Sure we want the basics of healthy food and a place to live and income enough to pay bills and enjoy life. Some of us want more to share and to support causes that matter to us. The basic question here is: what will nurture my heart and open me to realize my highest and more purposeful expression?

Guidance is what is often needed along the way and counselors, personal coaches, and spiritual teachers are valued assets if we could only realize that all love, joy, peace, and freedom begin from the inside and spread out. Find somebody who has helped you or can guide you further along the journey of life and be generous in giving support. They may be the one that helps set you free enough to fully realize your dreams and fully express your potential.

Promotional note: I do providing by phone and email, at a very reasonable rate, counseling and coaching for you who are interested in being more mindful, conscious, peaceful, healthy, compassionate and free to realize your purpose and potential.

Health Care note: Keith Olbermann says it with passion about how our elected officials are owned by the health care industry. Please let your Congressional Representatives know they were elected to represent you not the profit interests of the health care corporations.